Children's Karate Program for Age 7-12

After all, each child learns in different ways and at different rates. They need an environment that is deliberate and skillfully created by the teacher, enabling all abilities amongst the group of children to be inclusively catered for. Kid’s karate program in Columbia, Illinois for age 7 to 12, emphasizes on complete martial art learning that brings growth in physically active life and also focuses on mind development. Being a parent, you will see a huge difference in your child, as his/her communication, awareness and social skills will develop through children’s martial arts programs in Waterloo. We ‘Columbia Family Karate’ bring the fundamental parts of the curriculum of children’s martial arts studio, in which the art of Budo discipline is being taught to the students.

We teach how to show respect to one another as well as the teachers, parents, and instructors. We mentor our team of instructors and students and truly believe in strengthening the mind and body.

More than any other sport or activity, self defense training gives a child the physical and mental skills to succeed in everything they do. Our children's program is challenging and fun and encourages every child to strive for their personal best. We help our students develop skills to deal with bullies, stay safe from strangers, and handle negative peer pressure. Our professional instructors are role models that will help give your child the extra edge to succeed in life!

  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Better Grades
  • Respect
  • Goal-Setting

With a strong focus on concentration and awareness our instructors prepare a karate kid, so that he or she could succeed in all steps of life. Today, every parent sees it as a necessity to educate their children in martial arts, as to keep them protected from child abuse and other social issues. Martial arts for kids, Columbia teach students to memorize the self-defense form or technique and quality within the martial arts. This will help children to learn skills and becoming a bright student in the near future.